While driving into work today, I was inspired to write this post after listening to a new book I recently started titled Launch by Jeff Walker.   In the third chapter, the author tells a story about one of the entrepreneurs he helped build a business selling board games.  At first, this particular entrepreneur did not formulate any real plan to sell his games.  He designed the game, manufactured 1500 units, all with a 20k loan from his father.  He then relied on what the author likes to call hope marketing to push the product.  Do I need to tell you his initial results?  Hope does not work for business!

My inspiration for this post came from the recognition that I have been guilty over and over again hoping for results, rather than earning them.  Right now I am in the process of launching a business of my own with my wife.  I will not go into the details of what it is, but I am already seven months into my journey.  Seven long months, and I am not even close to launching.  Most people would probably give up by now.  Our on demand society makes most people super impatient.  Results do not come overnight.  I am making a big investment (both money and time) to do everything I can to make sure this next business is successful.


In the past I have rushed into new businesses, only to fail.  Earlier this year I started a Shopify store, literally overnight.  The store was up and running in a few days.  I got a few sales initially, but the amount of time I found myself working (on top of having my normal 9 to 5) was staggering.  After three weeks I gave up.

Looking back, I realized a few things.  First, I hoped this business would wildly take off and I would be able to quit my day job.  I suppose that hope came from the expensive e-commerce course I enrolled in, coupled with all the success stories within the private facebook group.  Second, I did no planning whatsoever.  I had a brain fart one afternoon, and that same day I had a business, a name, a logo, etc.  Although this business was a miserable failure, I did learn that having some sort of plan can go a long way towards achieving your goals.


Hoping is a catch 22 because for life it can be such a powerful thing.  Picture being stranded on that desert island with no food, no water.  The only thing that might keep you going is hope.  Yet, hoping in business gets you no where.  I can personally attest.  I am finally at a stage in my life where I realize that the only way to achieve anything is through consistent hard work.  Hoping for anything that you are trying to achieve in life does not work.  Whether you may be starting a business, trying to move up the corporate ladder, need to lose weight or improve your health – make a plan!  Preparing will help you stay proactive  There will be many road bumps along the way.  Learn from them, adapt, and continue moving forward!

Stop hoping!  Start executing!


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