Call me JG3 🙂  I am obsessed with building online businesses.  I am also a dadrepreneur, avid learner, knowledge junkie, husband, and father. For schooling, I earned my bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech and my MBA at Baruch College in NYC.  My life partner Bridgette has been with me since my Hokie Days.  Recently in 2015 we had our first son John IV – or as well call him Forest (Because 4th is the best :P).


Career wise – I grew up in my family’s manufacturing business, gaining some amazing insights on how to run a business. Probably the best facet of being in a family business is learning each piece of the puzzle and how they fit together. I started off in high school and summers during college assisting in customer service and helping perform simple tasks like filing invoices.

Upon graduating college I entered the business full time. I learned how to run all of our machinery, make our finished goods, and even the chemistry behind them. From there I worked in the lab learning quality control, product development, R&D. Nowadays I have many hats – overseeing production operations, inventory control, finance, business strategy – I even run a sales territory.

After moving into sales in early 2016, it dawned upon me that one area I lacked expertise in was marketing. Since I am such an information junkie, I have been reading anything and everything marketing. Buying books, listening to podcasts, going to seminars.

After investing so much time into my education I realized that the best path for future success in any business is to become an expert at digital marketing.   I now am fully in charge of marketing for my family business.  2016 was pretty busy marketing wise as we launched two new websites, in addition to running active social media campaigns.


One thing I learned instantly from my foray into digital marketing is the possibilities it provides.  The idea of a business that can be run from anywhere there is an internet connection is quite appealing.  One thing I have always disliked about the family business is that it ties me down to where it is located.  Growing up and living in New York City has been awesome, and something I will always cherish, but having the freedom to go anywhere anytime resonates deeply.  I feel for the first time in my life I have found my calling with digital marketing.

Running successful online businesses involves so many areas: web design, SEO, keyword research, e-commerce, email marketing, social media, conversion, landing pages….etc. How can one person possibly be an expert at everything?   The answer is – no one can be an expert at every aspect of digital marketing. Is it possible to become an expert at a few aspects ?- ABSOLUTELY!

The bigger picture to understand is that while it is impossible to be an expert at everything, you should understand how all these things work together.  No matter what online business one starts, there are so many pieces of the puzzle, and that is something I love.  It is such a challenge to put all these various pieces of digital marketing together to form an online business.  Each piece has to be optimized in order to generate the desired output.


After experiencing digital marketing for not even a year, and learning so much from various successes and way more failures, blogging is a great outlet for me to pay it forward to future digital marketers.  I have become obsessed in starting all different types of online businesses and am in the process of doing so.  So why not share my failures and help other people along the way?  I love learning and discussion, so please feel free to message or give me a shout out on twitter @JG3Online


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